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You are a half-engkanto delinquent Odto with daddy issues.

You are all half-engkanto delinquent Odtos with daddy issues.

NAKAKALIYO is a Forged in the Dark hack of Karanduun, based on the fact that every Karanduun campaign that gets run on our Discord server will inevitably have a Liyo in it. sometimes you make a joke and then before you know it it's 4am and you're on indesign comparing fonts with the karanduun core rulebook, bro

Art by the OG Liyo, Liyo Catada (@tanorochen)

Designed by Xrystina Marcos (@SweetCyanid3)

Follow Liyo (the... character? The person? Who is Liyo? Why is Liyo?) on Tiririt @nakakaliyo.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsForged in the Dark, karanduun, One-shot


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